Amanda Euringer is an award-winning freelance writer, journalist, web-communications specialist and internet visibility/SEO consultant who revels in finding the right words for any occasion. Whether she is digging into in-depth edgy topics, or writing a catchy quip for a web-store, Ms. Euringer sets the tone and finds the story to tell. She specializes in taking the road less traveled, and finding new angles for both her broad spectrum of topics, or for commercial clients.

As a search and visibility consultant / SEO Amanda has helped her online clients achieve double (and triple) digit success with a variety of content marketing techniques, and by developing new technical strategies for visibility online with a team of designers.

Ms Euringer’s ability to disseminate complex information into simple compelling stories has earned her recognition both within BC and nationally at the magazine awards. Her comfort with web technology, experience in both design and content production, and spectacular sense of humour makes her an asset to any media project. Amanda has written for Maclean’s Magazine, The Tyee and Enterprise Magazine among others.

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