I’ve spent many years honing a sharp, funny and informative style that grabs the attention of online readers.  Many of my articles have been at the cutting edge of their topics, or have broken new ground. In 2010, I was was awarded a travel feature from my editor at Enterprise Magazine for having the “most popular column” in the magazine according to a 2009 Ipsos-Reid poll. My article BC Health Pays To Restore Man’s Foreskin was one of the top news stories of the year for The Tyee, and I was nominated for a National Magazine award in 2010 for Learn What’s In Your Chemical Soup.

I have been writing articles that go viral, since before going viral was a thing.

As a ghost-writer, my articles have appeared (on behalf of my clients) in publications like Wired, Forbes, and Fox News.

Here is a small selection of published work.

Art After a Brain injury – Canadian Art

Shambhala’s farm to turntable party – Macleans Magazine

Why Cairo is Still Holding Together

The Toxics: Your Right To Know Series:
Learn What’s In Our Chemical Soup
Toxic Work: Know Your Rights
They Geared Up To Fight Pollution
Learn Form A Pro At Non Toxic Cleaning
Six Steps To Victory Over Toxins

The Foreskin Series:
Foreskin Facecream
BC Health Pays To Restore Man’s Foreskin

The Bountiful Series:
Leaving Bountiful
Score One For Polygamous Public Relations
Talking To The Lost Boys Of Bountiful

A selection of published print pieces (PDF) for which I also shot the photos:
The Renting Class ( pg. 7)
Independence Days (pg.21)

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