Ms Euringer has had the great privilege to develop a niche content writing market for environmentally conscious Canadian and US businesses.

Ghost blogging & Social Media Marketing

Amanda Euringer ghost blogs for a variety of sites including  the Autism Awareness Centre, and Harlan York & Associates Immigration Law. Her blog posts dominate the top landing pages for the sites she helps, bringing in visitors, and traffic and acting as content marketing. She has helped sites see double and triple digit growth in a year.

Ms Euringer creates content and posts it across all targeted social media platforms, boosting posts if there is an advertising budget or need, and helps drive organic traffic to a site.

Website development & content creation

Ms Euringer has also helped small business owners design and sometimes build sites, with particular attention to information architecture. Amanda normally prefers to direct a client to a good designer, but is willing to help out a small business with a theme-based build if the budget is tight, and the business is right.

All of Ms Euringer’s content creation is done with SEO in mind, making each word count in search engines and ensuring visibility for the site.

Nomads Hemp Wear
David Marshak
Ellenwood Homes
Still Eagle

Anne DeGrace
Jewelry By Design
Kellen Silverthorn Sculptures
Live in the Koots -Fair Realty
The Power Path


Print material:

Nomads Hemp Wear: spicy and exciting catalogue copy, full site content

Site-wide english translation from French, and catalogue content for print and web for Abaka.


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